Adventists Turn 150

by mgravina15

Over the past 150 year Adventists have been praying for the second coming of Jesus and for the End of the World. An original small number at inception, the Adventists have grown to 17 million baptized members, including 1.2 million in the U.S. Nearly 8,000 schools devoted to the Adventist religion mark the globe, as well as hundreds of church owned hospitals. While most would think that a 150th anniversary would be celebration, it is not. The Church was not originally set up to last, at its inception it was not supposed to last more that a couple of years. Back in the 1860′s the founders preached that Jesus would return and very soon, hence the name Adventists. By second coming standards the church’s long life could be considered a failure. Even current Adventists are not pleased by the 150th anniversary, they have designated the day before the 150th anniversary as a day of prayer, remembrance and re-commitment to the mission. However they are still very hopeful, they often say that Jesus told Christians to occupy themselves until he returns, and that advice the Adventists take to heart.

What do you think of this radical belief of the second coming of Jesus? Is it too extreme?


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