Are Guns Replacing Gods?

by hgranquist15

Since the Sandy Hook shooting in December a total of about 3,300 people have been killed in gun related violence. The Sandy Hook shooting was an eye-opener for the administration of this country about the issue of gun violence. While they have their own separate issues with the current rules and regulations on firearms, or their own interpretation of what the rules and regulations are, many religions, especially the Christian faith are also having problems with the personification of firearms. More and more people are revering firearms, a handgun for example, as something to be afraid of or some people will love and respect them more than life, God, or anything else for that matter. The problem Christians are having with this is that firearms are now encroaching on being personified as some other-worldly power. This was highlighted by Mr. James Yeager in one of his YouTube videos describing the different types of gun owners. The first one on his list was “the talisman.” This is a person who buys a fire arm thinking that it possesses some supernatural power that “wards off evil spirits” and in turn makes a person untouchable. This is where this sort of ideology is becoming problematic with the Christian faith. By being recognized as a “supernatural power” some people are seeing that as a violation of theĀ Second Commandment.


Question: Do you think that this could be used as a reason for stricter gun control, why or why not?

Do you think that this is going to be an overlap between the first and secondĀ amendments?


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Second Commandment

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