Gay Marriage in the Catholic Church

by ben24

A Gay man from Long Island was ousted from his parish. The critic, who sent in a complaint, complained that a man in the church had married his partner. The man’s name, who married his partner, is Nicholas Coppola. He was a part of a Catholic Church near long island. Along with attending mass, Coppola was a teacher for Sunday school. After being ousted, the man’s partner proceeded by delivering a petition with more than 18,000 signatures asking for Coppola to be reinstated. This petition was sent to Bishop William Murphy.  The authorities of the Catholic church replied to this statement by saying we “ respect those who may have signed a petition,” but said that it cannot change the Church’s teachings against Gay marriage.  Nicholas Coppola was stripped of his religious education status  because of an anonymous complaint. Coppola  married his partner under New York’s new Gay marriage law.  Many people are in support of Coppola, but authorities see the case as a threat to the Catholic belief on Gay marriage.

Do you think Gay marriage will ever be accepted in the Catholic Church?


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